Ajax Pickering Triathlon Club

A not-for-profit, TO sanctioned club operating in the Ajax Pickering area, with a board of volunteer directors. All monies raised by the club via membership fees and sponsorships are completely reinvested into the club for the benefit of club members.

Barrie Baydogs Triathlon Club

Serving Barrie and Simcoe County, our Club caters to 18+ age group athletes of all skill levels, whether you are attempting your first triathlon or your second Ironman. We have regularly scheduled workouts each week, many of them run by NCCP trained triathlon coaches. Our club mission is to be an inclusive supportive club, where members can develop their skills and appreciation for the sport of triathlon in an environment that is both social and competitive. Members can also participate in our highly successful Baydog Mentoring Program.

BLAST Triathlon Club

BLAST Triathlon Club is based in Dundas and has been offering coaching support for over 10 years to adult athletes of all levels and abilities. BLAST members meet as a group once a week (year-round) at various locations in Dundas, Ancaster, or West Hamilton for a structured workout (run or bike-run) led by certified NCCP triathlon coaches. During the off-season, the club organizes indoor training such as cycling and swimming at an additional cost.

Triathlon Club of Burlington

The Triathlon club of Burlington (TCoB) is a non-profit club dedicated to improving the fitness, performance, and knowledge of all triathletes from novice to experienced. If you are attempting a triathlon for the first time, an active age group competitor; or working towards IronMan, TCoB creates a productive environment for training and a relaxed atmosphere for socializing.

C3 Canadian Cross Training Club

Situated in the Municipality of the Town of Caledon, Ontario, C3 is a non-profit club connecting people of all ages with a healthy multi sport lifestyle and achievable athletic goals. Your goals are achieved through fitness level appropriate training and coaching, in a team atmosphere.

Cambridge Multisport

Cambridge Multisport was founded in 2010 and supports new as well as experienced endurance athletes in and around the Cambridge area. Our members range in all ages and levels of competitiveness: from Tri-a-Triers to full Ironman racers, ITU and 70.3 Worlds competitors, and everything in between.

Champion Bicycle Multi Sport Club

London Ontario based Champion Bicycle Multi Sport Club’s objective is to increase awareness and recognition for multi sport events thereby increasing popularity of triathlon and Duathlon in London and surrounding area. For the 2005 season Champion Bicycle Multi Sport Club has initiated an organized training group.

CL Performance Training

CL Performance Training – helping athletes achieve fitness, performance and lifestyle goals through participation and competition in endurance sport.  Our mission is to help everyday athletes achieve their sport and performance goals. CLPT Coaches work with Triathletes, Cyclists, Runners, Adventure Racers and Ultra Endurance Athletes from beginner to elite.  We provide online individualized training plans for runner’s, cyclists and triathletes athletes around the globe that suit an athlete’s goals and lifestyle as well as one-one-one and group training sessions for local athletes (Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Greater Toronto Area) on the bike, in the pool, on the track or in the gym.

Cornwall Multisport Club

The purpose of the Cornwall Multisport Club is to get more people from Cornwall and the Seaway Valley to participate more in physical activities. Our members may be serious at times in their efforts at training but we emphasize having fun, making new friends who share common interests and motivating each other to do well.

Edge Triathlon

Edge Triathlon is an endurance sport training business focused on helping athletes of all abilities with a goal of improving health, fitness and performance. We work with athletes ranging from beginners to elite and across all disciplines of endurance sport. Whether you have aspirations of completing your first 5k run, completing an Ironman or qualifying for a World Championship team we have a variety of coaching & consulting services to best meet your needs.

Fighting Koala’s Triathlon Team

The Fighting Koalas Triathlon Team is an age group and junior triathlon team designed for athletes of all ages and abilities. The Fighting Koalas were created by Mat Reid in January 2008 in Waterdown/Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Fletcher’s Meadow Cross Trainers

The Fletcher’s Meadow Cross Trainers is a Multi-Sport club for men and women of all levels that were created in June 22 2003. A club for swimmers, runners, cyclists, triathletes & duathletes. The purpose of creating this club was to bring together athletes from all over the GTA to benefit from group training.

Guelph Triathlon Club

Located in Canada’s most popular triathlon city, GTC provides a fun and encouraging environment for triathletes & multisport athletes of all levels, beginner to elite to achieve their personal athletic goals and aspirations. Guelph is home to hundreds of kilometers of running trails and country roads that are perfect for running and biking.

Hamilton Hammerheads Athletic Club

The Hamilton Hammerhead Athletic Club offers programs for children and juniors of all levels in triathlon and run-only programs with our senior athletes shadowing the provinces local elite. Our schedule includes swim, bike and run workouts that emphasize technical development and fun with some of Canada’s premier triathlon coaches.

Health and Performance

Health and Performance is a club based out of Waterloo, Ontario. Our goal is to create a fun, challenging, and team oriented environment to help our athletes achieve a level of health and performance they never dreamed possible. We have athletes of all levels training together- from national team members, to others working toward their first 5K!

HIPFIT Multisport Oakville

HIPFIT Multisport Oakville is a triathlon, running, cycling, personal training and CrossFit club. We serve athletes of all ages and abilities, from beginner to veteran and elite level. Owner and head coach Tyler Lord, a former professional triathlete, provides a supportive and knowledgeable environment to learn and succeed.

IronCanucks Triathlon Club

IronCanucks Triathlon Club is a Burlington Ontario, and surrounding area team. The IronCanucks provide support and development to triathletes/duathletes of all levels. We have an average of 60 members on this very active team.We are training and supporting one another the entire year. Our Coaches and Team Leaders organize training and social events to give athletes the opportunity to meet new friends and training partners.

IronStride Triathlon Club

IronStride is based in Kingston, Ontario and is a sanctioned professional coaching and training club, helping amateur and professional athletes enhance their performance and reach their maximum athletic potential. Customized training programs that deliver superior performance and results for runners, duathletes, triathletes, cyclists and professional athletes of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re looking for sport-specific training or want to take your physical abilities to the next level, the IronStride team will help you achieve your training and fitness goals.

Kincardine Triathlon Club

The Kincardine Triathlon Club is made up of members who compete and train at a variety of levels and distances. We have every type of member from those who are just starting out in Triathlon to those who have done many Ironman races. The club offers regular training sessions all year long.

Kurzawinski Coach & Win Cycling Centre

Our Primary goal is to invite and welcome new members of all abilities and help and support them to reach their goals. Whether that be improved health, increased fitness or actively compete in Triathlon an Duathlon events.

KW Triathlon Club

The KW Triathlon Club is a sanctioned, community- based club for those who are interested in triathlon. We have created a training environment that is welcoming and excepting of all levels of triathletes . Whether you are interested in training for your first triathlon or are an experienced racer, the KW Triathlon Club has something to offer you.

The KW Triathlon Club offers weekly run and brick workouts as well as monthly training clinics.  All sessions are lead by one of our experienced coaches.  Every set workout will be designed for all levels and abilities. The goal of the KW Triathlon Club is to train SMART and encourage others in an inclusive environment that creates comradery while having fun.

Lions Valley Athletics

Lions Valley Athletics provides, coaching, resources and the necessary tools to help athletes reach their goals and achieve success. Whether training for your first triathlon/duathlon or qualifying for a World Championship, you will be with supportive teammates in an inclusive training environment conducive to success! We are part of the Sport for Life Movement while also promoting injury prevention and healthy balanced lifestyles so that you can enjoy every step of your athletic endeavors.

Live Breathe Tri

“LBT” or “Live Breathe Tri” brings triathlon and run coaching to athletes looking for more than a training program. This boutique coaching was created by 11-IRONMAN Champion Lisa Bentley and endurance athlete Dave Cracknell as a vehicle for inspiration, motivation and information. Athletes are provided a detailed custom training program that is tailored to their life. Athletes received nutritional, mental and life-balancing strategies learned for a combined forty years of racing and over fifty IRONMAN events.

London Triathlon Club

Our objective is to promote fitness as a life style, educate and encourage members to pursue their athletic potential, connect triathletes, swimmers, bikers and runners to other club members and to have fun reaching their goals.

LPC Triathlon Club

Winners of the Triathlon Ontario Club Championships, the LPC Triathlon Club is based in Guelph, and includes members of all ages and abilities from throughout Ontario. LPC Coaches provide personalized online and in-person coaching services for triathletes of all abilities.

Mettle Multisport

Mettle Multisport is a not-for-profit, member focused, triathlon club based in York Region. Our programs and workouts run year round, with the highlight being our affordable and well-rounded summer program. Mettle Multisport was created by a team of highly motivated and engaged individuals, the club’s goal is to provide quality athletic instruction and support in an environment that fosters positive energy, creates meaningful relationships, and allows both veteran and new athletes to achieve their goals while having tons of fun.

Midland Triathlon/Duathlon Club

The Midland Triathlon/Duathlon Club is run through the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka at the Midland YMCA from Oct to July. The goal of the club is to have all members complete the Midland Triathlon (July 10, 2005). Club members range in age from teens to seniors and from newbies to World Championship competitors and multi-time Ironman finishers.

Ottawa Triathlon Club

For over 10 years the OTC has been supporting the triathlon community in the Nation’s Capital through programs based on three founding principles: Welcoming, Fun and Effective. From our very own training headquarters at #10 Hamilton we have a wide range of year round programs that keep us fit and having fun with an amazing family of friends.

The Performance Project

The Performance Project is based in Kitchener/Waterloo but can serve athletes anywhere. Working with everyone from beginners to elite athletes, Coach Dave Galloway brings a unique blend of experience to his coaching as both an athlete and a Physiotherapist. Since 2003, Dave has been working in the field of sports medicine physiotherapy. He has developed a particular interest in treating triathletes and runners and works with them to help accelerate them returning to their training activities. Over the years Dave has seen how these injuries cause significant training interruption, ultimately leading to diminished athletic performance.

Waterloo Multi-Sport Club

The Runners’ Choice Waterloo Multi-Sport Club (WMC) is a non-profit organization and a proud division of the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC). The WMC is designed to provide a supportive environment for multi-sport athletes of all levels, with the goal of helping every athlete to enjoy multi-sport activities and improve their performance.

Saugeen Triathlon Club

The Saugeen Triathlon Club started in 2008. The Club’s goals are to provide our athletes of all abilities with an organized venue to train and practice triathlon skills.

Team Energi

Based in Waterloo, Ontario Team Energi is team focused on progression and development. We are triathlon focused, yet open to cyclists, swimmers, runners, and cross-training endurance athletes of all kinds. Endurance sports need not be intimidating or exclusive, everyone can participate as long as you have a commitment to train and improve.

Thornhill Triathlon Club

Welcome to the home of Thornhill Masters Aquatic Club and Thornhill Multisport serving Thornhill and its surrounding areas. Since its inception in September of 2004, the Thornhill Masters Aquatic Club has sought to provide a means for master swimmers and triathletes alike to improve their fitness, swimming and triathlon skills and enter local, provincial, national, and international competitions.

Tornado Triathlon Club

Tornado Triathlon Club provides training and inspiration to athletes of all age and abilities. We are the first and only Triathlon Club in Milton, ON and also the only club that accommodates and promotes family fitness. We value commitment, motivation and a desire to challenge oneself! We have multiple group training programs and also offer personalized fitness and triathlon coaching


Tri-Hart is a multi-sport team helping individuals obtain a more focused and fun approach to their training. Tri-Hart is located in Hamilton, Ontario serving athletes from around Southern Ontario and throughout North America. Tri-Hart provides athletes with coaching, individual training programs and opportunities for members to train together. Thus helping each athlete meet their individual fitness goals whether that is fitness for life or winning Ironman.

TriMuskoka Triathlon Club

TriMuskoka Triathlon Club is committed to improving the fitness, performance and knowledge of our club members in a non-competitive environment. What we have in common is the passion and drive to improve our health, improve our fitness, and to perform at the very best that we can in our sport.

TrYForce Triathlon Club

TrYForce Niagara Triathlon Club operates out of St. Catharines and serves the greater Niagara area It is a supportive community of multisport athletes for all ages and abilities from beginners to elites. The focus of the club is to enjoy the sport of triathlon, keeping fit and improving while enjoying the social aspect of a club environment.

Toronto Triathlon Club

The Toronto Triathlon Club is a great place to meet training partners and other triathletes from the Greater Toronto Area, while also offering opportunities to challenge yourself personally and to celebrate your accomplishments in a supportive and social environment.