Offline Registration

2019 Offline Registration

Please download this Subaru Triathlon Series registration PDF Form for single race or multi race entries.

* 10% discount for those choosing to race in 3-4 races at one time.

* 15% discount for those choosing to race in 5 races at one time.

3 Options For Registering

  1. Scan and email a copy to
  2. Fill out and mail your registration form to:
    4269 Station Rd
    Vineland Station, ON
    L0R 2E0
  3. Phone in your registration during business hours at 905-562-6670

* multi-race discounts not available for on-line entries and must be signed up for at the same time

*Please note that all applications must be received before the following deadlines Guelph Lake 1 and Guelph Lake 2 will close the THURSDAY before the race at 10am. All others events are Friday at 10 am. On-site registration is still available at all events unless the race is previously SOLD OUT. We will put a note on the homepage and race page of the Series website if this is the case.

By registering for a race I understand that there is a REFUND POLICY.

If you would like to become a Triathlon Ontario member please do so BEFORE you register for a race. We do not offer refunds for one day fees if you later decide to become a member. Click here to join Triathlon Ontario.

Registration Age Restrictions

The insurance rates for Triathlon Ontario continue to climb. This is due both to an increase in the number of participants and the general risk to the insurance industry. Our insurer applies a lower level of risk to youth only races than they do adult races. It has been approved that 14 would be a suitable age for kids to race in Subaru Series Try-a-Tri distance races. Each athlete must be at least in their 14th year at the time of the race. (ie- a 13 year old can race if their birthday is before the end of Dec 31 that year).

Because of the race distances of some of the events, Triathlon Ontario requires that each athlete meet the minimum age requirements.  If you would like an exemption, you will need approval from Triathlon Ontario prior to registration.

Registration Ages

* Age requirements means turning that age BEFORE December 31st of the competing season.

Milton Sprint Athlete must be in their 18th year
Guelph One Sprint Athlete must be in 16th year
Guelph One Olympic Athlete must be in 18th year
Niagara Sprint Athlete must be in 18th year
Orillia Sprint Athlete must be in 18th year
Guelph Lake 2 Sprint Athlete must be in 18th year